Cicamed Cleanser Antioxidant by Mona Doust

Cicamed Cleanser Antioxidant by Mona Doust

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The first review may be of an old thing that I always return to, Cicamed Cleanser Antioxidant. I started to think about what it is that makes me always return to this and it has to be a combination of it really cleans the depth, effectively removes the makeup (even when applying thick layers, but not the waterproof mascara completely) as well combo of packaging/content that works so damn well. However, I think it started to clean a little "too much" but it has more to do with my skin has become more sensitive than it would have anything to do with the cleaning itself. It has, on the other hand, resulted in me using a milder cleanser on the days I have not makeup or if I wash my face in the morning. Now to the facts; Cicamed Cleanser Antioxidant is packaged in a pump bottle where a pump is good enough for proper cleaning of the face and neck. In the case of a lot of makeup, however, I usually wash my face twice. It sounds wonderful when you rub it on your face and smell freshly of something that I for all the world cannot imagine what it could be. The package contains 150 ml and it feels like it will last forever even though I use it on a daily basis. Also love that it is also available as a travel size, however, it is a kit you have to buy to get access to the travel size of this cleanser but I actually have nothing against it because I think overall Cicamed does awesome skincare! This is a must in the bathroom cabinet! Antioxidant Cleanser, SEK 229, and Discovery Kit, SEK 240, with all travel size packages! The ad links go to MEDS which I think has been incredibly fast delivery (and really nice prices). Cicamed Cleanser gets 5/5 points!

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