Baldness, some guys worst nightmare. Baldness is an issue, which daunts men worldwide. We all know someone that starts shaving his head to avoid the embarrassment of a receding hairline. We all hear these false facts about how men inherit their balding genes from the men on their mothers side, or how shampooing your hair accelerates baldness. WRONG! It’s actually DHT, or for you scientists out there, Dihydrotestosterone.

What is the DHT hormone? DHT is an androgen that gives men there “male’ characteristics. What is an “androgen?” It’s basically like male mojo! DHT is what helps guys grow facial hair, body hair, and even develops their penis when in their mother’s womb.

But…. If DHT helps men grow body hair why does it cause hair loss on your head? This sex hormone, even though it helps men grow hair on other parts of their body also causes the head hair follicles to shirk creating essentially, baldness. . Over half of the men in the USA are going to bald due to DHT.

So what can we do about it? Holistically, you can play with diet. There are DHT blocking foods that stop the effects DHT in your system. This works by blocking the hormone from the androgen receptors on your hair follicles. Foods like: watermelon, mangos, almonds; any food containing lycopene, helps block the effects of DHT. Another popular treatment is the use of procapil. You will find procapil in many hair loss treatments like the CicaMed Hair Loss treatment. Procapil is a drug that reactivates the genes that are responsible for tissue repair mechanisms, in this case, hair follicles. It doesn’t cure baldness, but defiantly helps with thinning hair!

Next time you look in the mirror and feel you hair thinning out, or notice a patch of hair missing from your head, Try changing your food. Food is everything in life. Keeping your hair clean and healthy with products from the CicaMed’s Hair loss Treatment.

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