Whether it's your dog walker, dog sitter, or groomer, you cant forget the person that loves your "fur-baby" more than these people. Here are a couple of fun gift ideas that will all tails wag!


Dog walkers are usually in the sun all day! Doesnt matter if its winter or summer, most dog walkers always have tan! This is a great gift to make sure that they are protected from the horrible rays of the sun!

This SPF Protection booster works as a strong nourishing anti-aging cream that adds UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection to your daily face and neck moisturizer. This SPF can be used alone for maximum protection or mixed with your favorite moisturizer for a light sun protection.

Formulated with vitamin E and an exclusive peptide to enhance the skin's natural defense system against premature aging and protect cellular DNA from damage that free radicals and the sun's rays can cause. The booster is easily absorbed by the skin and provides a silky and soft feeling.

*If you are one to shave your dogs fur, its important to use a product like this on there skin. Most people don't realize that a dogs fur is a natural protector from the sun! 



Anybody that works with animals usually has to wake up extra early! So why not make it a little easier with this premium coffee blend!

Those quiet early morning walks with doge can be relaxing, but even more so after a mug of the exclusive blends of coffee from Grounds & Hounds. With a portion of proceeds going towards animal rescue efforts, and with each coffee bean ethically raised and harvested, it’s a great way for any conscientious dog lover to start their morning. At Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.®, they are committed to using the sale of our fair trade organic, specialty coffees to support the no kill rescue organizations providing safe-havens for pups between homes. 20% of all Grounds & Hounds profits are donated to our rescue partners working to make the second-chance mission a reality.


aromatherapy candle



Working with animals, one can become a little nose blind with smells! This candle is the best for any home, office, or grooming salon! It might not be a status candle, but this veterinarian-approved citrus-scented candle that gives off “the aroma of orange blossoms and Aperol spritzes” is also the most effective way to get rid of pet odors.


Sometimes our pets carbon paw print can be as large as ours my AlphaPet Premium Biodegradable and compostable Pet Waste Bags are not just coloured green they are green.These ultra eco-friendly poop bags are fully compostable. Made with a blend of cornstarch and other bio-based components, they're 20 microns thick to spare your hands and prevent any leaking. They have full ASTM D6400 certification and are capable of breaking down and decomposing in 90 days. The roomy, scent-free bags can be used with bigger dogs and will fit inside any regular poop dispenser. On top of that, they're sealed at the bottom to create an extra layer for poop that's runny or messy. 













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