On the second day of Christmas….. I need to give something to my sister! You think buying a present for your sibling would be easy. Well it can be for some people, for others it can be hard. Below are some fun gift ideas which are both useful and fun. Sis is gonna love this.


 The Foxy Crop Top

Crop tops are always in! Crop tops in a rainbow of colors are even better! Jennifer Hope, a New York base designer is known for color palette of silk. Everything from neutrals to a rainbow of jewel tones jhope got has your back. Your sister is gonna love the Foxy crop top as it can be styled with some a jeans for a fun casual look, or dress it up with a pretty skirt. The foxy crop top is sassy and classy at the same time! You can find this top at any of your local Big Drop NYC stores or online at https://bigdropnyc.com/foxy-crop-top/



Every girl needs her face product! So why not introduce good ol’ sis to some of the best yet affordable skin care line out there! The Cicamed Discovery kit is a great way to explore some of the best products in the Cicamed line. Best part of this kit, is travel size friendly too!!!

The kit includes:

Vanilla Scrub

The smell good exfoliator that even your lover will want to use and might even steal. Cicamed Vanilla Scrub is a gentle and stimulating mechanical scrub with organic rice wax microbeads and black vanilla seeds that rolls the dead cells and impurities way without scratching or irritating the surface of the skin. The combination of black vanilla and peppermint is the secret to the skin feeling cool and refreshed after every use. 

Exfoliation helps the natural shedding process of the skin and promotes healthier, smoother, and more even-toned skin.

Cleanser Antioxidant

Gel foaming daily face cleanser that is pH balanced to 5, which is the same pH level as balanced skin. Removes impurities and makeup without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture levels. This cleanser not only leaves skin balanced but hydrates even dry skin making it a top-rated facial cleanser.

Serum C

Vitamin C concentrated serum that improves skin tone and stimulates collagen synthesis, providing deep hydration, and a natural glow. Serum C also helps to correct hyperpigmentation in the skin, which means that it is important to wear SPF when using this product.

 Collagen Boost Mask

The original leave-on face mask that gives instant tightening effect and radiant complexion. Provides both instant and long-term results for firmer more youthful looking skin. Triple active formula to target rejuvenation, anti-aging, collagen synthesis, skin refining, hydration, and moisturization.

24H Cream Balance

A soothing and moisturizing daily anti-aging cream which reduces redness and shields skin from free radicals. Formulated with beta glucan from Swedish oats, which are clinically proven to have skin calming, healing, and anti-aging properties. Second thinnest moisturizing cream making it the perfect facial moisturizer for dry sensitive skin through normal to combination skin types.



We all have memories of having to share a bathroom with a sibling. One of the things that always grind my gears, is finding my sister’s hair cut in the tub. She sheds more the Shih Tzu!!! The TubShroom is the perfect stalking stuffer to trap and prevent it from clogging the tub.


Innolv Makeup Brush cleaner

What girl doesn’t like makeup? They spend a mini fortune on eye shadows, pallets, and of course, brushes. Good makeup brushes are extremely expensive, so its important to take care of them. The Innolv makeup brush cleaner is a great way to keep your sisters brushes clean! It deep cleans the brush by spinning it water, than drys it the same way. This is a fun gift your sister will love!

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