What is a Blemish? Blemishes occur due to an overproduction of oil created by the sebaceous glands. This is usually triggered by hormonal changes like puberty or period breakouts, which happens to ALL of us. So what can we do to treat the unavoidable?

It’s important to understand what is causing the blemish, that way you can determine how to treat it.

The best blemish treatment out there is knowing your skin. Do you have blemish prone skin? Did you change your birth control pills? Are you about to get your period? Did you just eat a really greasy pizza and now your skin is paying the consequences for it!!?? Whatever the cause, your goal is to get your skins pH level to a 5. You need to create allies of skin to stop this blemish bullying.

Cleansing your skin, cleans out your pores and can also strip the access oil your skin is releasing. If you are prone to oily skin, it is important to use a product that exfoliates but does not strip the skin of the natural fat protectants. CicaMed cleanser antioxidant, for example, uses organic witch-hazel to clean and reduce irritation. It also has organic aloe vera to calm and hydrate the irritated skin. The best part of this product is that the witch-hazel works as a toner, which lets you skip a step in your day to day skin regimen


Hydrating your skin is important with any blemish outbreak, You don’t want to dry your skin out, but treat it with healing properties like vitamin C, B3, & B5. Our Vitamin-C serum does all that and more. The organic aloe vera and hyaluronic acid provide advanced hydration and firmer skin by stimulating collagen production, reduces inflammation, and improving skin elasticity. Everybody likes a little vitamin pick me up!


Last, its important to protect your skin. Finding the correct moisturize is essential. This will help protect your overacting pores from any environmental impurities the world lashes out at you. What is the best moisturizer? Well that’s like asking who is mister right! Some moisturizers can end up making your blemishes worse depending on your skin type. Just like finding mister right, you have to figure out what works for your skin and what doesn’t. Read the ingredients and test them out. This way we can say “bye bye blemish!!!!”

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