There are so many products out there that contain collagen. Everything from skincare collagen boosting lotions to bone broth supplements. But what is collagen? How important is it for our health?

Collagen is actually the most “popular” protein found in our bodies. It’s in our muscles, bones, digestive system, and even our tendons. It helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. When it comes to our joints and tendons, in simplest terms, it’s the “glue” that helps hold the body together. We produce collagen naturally, but start to slow down with age. Visible symptoms of low collagen are wrinkles, sagging skin, and even joint pain!

So what do we do when are collagen levels start going down hill? As we age our collagen production declines. Its like literally happening to you while you read this!!!! DON’T FREAK OUT!!!! Increasing your collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness, and teach your skin cells to renew and repair normally.

A collagen face serum is a great topical way to tackle this issue. Using products like CicaMed’s Collagen Boost Mask is a great anti-aging tool for instant firming. This product has a high concentration of vitamin C which stimulates collagen syntheses in your neck and face, while firming at the same time. Even though this product is a facemask, it can help prevent stretch marks and reduce cellulite.

So the next time you are looking for a good anti-aging product make sure it has collagen in it!!!

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