Cicamed Scar creams and gels are complex scar correcting formulas, that provide an easy and painless way to diminish the appearance, smooth the texture, and bleach discolored scars caused by acne, surgery, injuries, and burns. Developed, used, and recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologist worldwide. Our formulas have been used, tested, and perfected in Sweden for 15 years, and within the United States for over 3 years.

One of the beauty secrets of our hero product, Cicamed Scar, previously known as CicaTrix, is that the gel is silicon-based. Layers of silicon have been proven by science to have positive effects on hypertrophic scars and cheloids. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons frequently turn to silicon-based products to reduce the appearance of scars because of their effectiveness and they provide a painless option for scar reduction unlike other available methods; such as laser and IPL-treatments. The gel also contains vitamin E which stimulates blood circulation, accelerates healing and prevents cicatrization.
Tens of thousands of patients use our scar gels, creams, and sun protection after surgery year after year.