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Cicamed Scar Removal and Correcting Gel with Silicone for Face and Body

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Cicamed Scar cream is the best drugstore brand for afforable post surgery scar removal

Do you want to get rid of injury, surgery, burn, and embarrassing scars painlessly?

This silicone-based gel creates an environment for active scars to heal through a process of softening and smoothing the skin while lightening discoloration. A discreet gel film, similar to a liquid band-aid, can be placed on scars in any location on the body.

Hand scar from injury. Best scar gel for injury and burn removal. painlessly get rid of scars.

The Cicamed Scar gel was the first product created by the chemist and plastic surgeons who are now the research and development team at Cicamed. The concept was fantasized during a cold Stockholm evening that was being enjoyed in a wine cellar between the surgeons of one of Europe's leading plastic surgery centers. The idea seemed radical and impossible - one year later the first patient was using this product to heal a scar. From here the entire brand was born!

what is it?

A discreet and flexible scar healing gel


-Improves and reduces prominent, old, and new scars on the skin.
-A lightweight gel that dries quickly into an invisible film.
-More flexible and discreet than a silicone tape or Band-Aid, can be used on the face and joints.
-Silicone is not an active ingredient and does not penetrate the skin, rather sits on top as a protective physical barrier, creating an environment that is favorable to scar healing.
-Clinically tested and proven to diminish scar appearance.
-Lessen unwanted scar appearances without the pain or extra scarring from laser removal.
-Softens and flattens scar tissue with dimethicone and vitamin E.
-Permanent results.
-Free from perfumes and preservatives.
-Cruelty-free, not tested on animals.


C-section scar removal. Scar removal tape for children's keliod scars.


    essential for

    scars from injury, surgery, laser treatments, chickenpox, acne, road rash, sports injuries or burns


    • Active scars that are not open wounds
    • Active scars are pink or red in color. White scars are not active and will most likely not be effected by the product, but also will not make the scars worse to try


    2 - 3 times daily or after every washing (when on hand).

    Must use a minimum of 3 months to see results. Use 6 - 9 months for full potential results that tour body will allow. 

    If the scar is in a location on the body that will encounter sun, you must protect the new skin with SPF as the UVA and UVB rays will cause damage and discoloration. You can use your favorite SPF for the water-resistant CicaBlock.


    Before                      After


    how to use

    Apply a thin light layer over the scar. After 5 minutes of dry time, if the area is tacky, use less on the following application.

    Ensure wound is completely closed and not exposing deeper layers into the skin. After surgery, the product can be used once the stitches are removed, indicating that the wound is fully healed and not exposed.

    Continue use for as long as you notice results. Cannot hurt an area of the skin. Will either improve over time or have no effect at all (namely on inactive scars or possibly stretch marks). Expect about 2-3 months before you visibly see results, and 6-9 months for full recovery your skin and the product will allow. 


    Can use around the lips (do not ingest nor lick) or under eyes before concealer to fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and create a smooth surface for makeup.


    Cycling road rash injury scar. Get rid of scars naturally.

    boost with

    -Must use SPF over scars exposed to the sun as to make sure further discoloration does not happen, pair with Cicablock or SPF Booster.


    15 g or 0.5 oz


    Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Tocopheryl Acetate, Silica


    One of the beauty secrets of our hero product, Cicamed Scar, previously known as CicaTrix, is that the gel is silicone-based. Layers of silicone have been proven, by science, to have positive effects on hypertrophic scars and cheloids. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons frequently turn to silicone-based products to reduce the appearance of scars because of their effectiveness and they provide a painless option for scar reduction unlike other available methods; such as laser and IPL-treatments. The gel also contains vitamin E which stimulates blood circulation, accelerates healing and prevents cicatrization.


    common scars

    • Acne scar
    • Raised scar
    • Keloid scar
    • Face scar
    • Bacne scar
    • Kidney surgery scar
    • Bunion
    • Ankle scar
    • Chickenpox
    • Appendix removal scar
    • Plastic surgery scar
    • Surgery scar
    • Hypertrophic scar
    • Burn scar
    • Caesarean section scar
    • Stretch marks
    • Road rash
    • Cycling scars
    • Biking scars
    • Scars from the gym
    • Injury scar


    How to get rid of plastic surgery scars


    Fastest way to get rid of a burn scar or keliod scar


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