Cicamed USA LLC is a skincare brand based in organic science. The combination of organic and natural ingredients with science results in a new generation of natural skin care. This skincare is made of mostly organic and natural ingredients while utilizing safe active ingredients to create visible results.

Our company believes in sustainability when sourcing ingredients and packaging. We only work with ethically sourced materials and ingredients for our products and packaging, which are manufactured in Sweden. Along with this, we believe in cruelty-free beauty; therefore, we do not test any of our products on animals. 

As Cicamed and Cicamed USA LLC are under the umbrella of the Proforma Clinic, Europe's leading plastic surgery clinic, we have access to an in-house medical team, which is comprised of experienced doctors and plastic surgeons. They have the ability to test the efficiency of future released products in a real-world setting and with real clients, and then able to modify the recipe and give feedback as needed.