ASD Cleansing Gel How To


Daily – morning and evening.

how to use

Use to cleanse skin day and evening by using a quarter-size amount of product. Apply to dampened face, neck, and décolletage. Gently massage the cleanser on to the skin in an upward motion. Rinse with warm water.

boost with

-ASD Moisturizer to balance blemish prone and oily skin tones.
-ASD 3-in-1 Spot Treatment for active blemishes
-Cicamed Scar for acne scars not within 2 inches of active acne.
-Intense Repair Facial Oil for extra hydration and anti-inflammatory properties.
-CicaBlock for non-active blemish zones to protect scars from UVA/B rays and discoloration from sun exposure.
-SPF Booster before sun exposure to protect facial skin from further discoloration or damage.
-Cicaclean to keep hands bacteria-free before touching blemishes or surrounding skin.