Benefits 3 in 1 spot Treatment


-Can target active blemishes while preventing future breakouts when used daily.
-Fast-acting to visibly reduce spot size & redness.
-Creates clear skin without over-drying.
-Salicylic acid 2% provides maximum strength acne-fighting while being gentle on the skin.
-Enhances the penetration of the skin for active ingredients to work quickly.
-Dermatological tested and proven to be non-irritant.
-Witch hazel and aloe Vera to hydrate, soothe, and calm.
-Vitamins B 3 and 5, vitamin A and E.
-Helps remove whiteheads and blackheads.
-De-emphasizes appearance of skin discoloration and acne scars.
-Does not bleach clothes and fabrics.
-Cruelty-free, not tested on animals.


essential for

Blemish prone skin


  • New and active breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads
  • Blemishes due to stress, hormones, or blemish-prone skin