cicablock benefits


-Protects sensitive scar tissue from discoloration caused by harmful UVA/B rays.
-Scar tissue lacks melanin and is more sensitive to the sun and UV rays, which will cause long-term discoloration.
-Discolored scars become more prominent and visible.
-The base of the product is Cicamed Scar.
-Free from perfumes and preservatives.
-Creates an environment favorable for scars healing.
-Vitamin E to soften the scar.
-Perfect for use after surgery, on acne scars, and skin damage.
-Cruelty-free, not tested on animals.

essential for

New scars, scars being treated, healed burn marks, old scars to stop discoloration when exposed to the sun


  • Active scars that are not open wounds, old and new scars
  • Scars and healed wounds or burns that are exposed to the sun
  • Old, inactive, scars that are exposed to the sun as to prevent further discoloration