night benefits


-Organic Shea and cocoa butter provides instant and long-lasting hydration and strengthens the skin barrier and treats dull and dry skin.
-Organic rosehip and milk thistle oil are rich in fatty acids (combination of omegas 3, 6, and 9) to repair and strengthen skin naturally.
-Antioxidants derived from green tea and vitamin e to protect and deep repair.
-Organic jojoba oil has a similar composition to skin sebum which makes the oil readily absorbed for deep effect.
-Highly moisturizing complex of betaine, Aloe Vera, algae and milk thistle oil.
-Olive emulsifier produces a sustained, long-term hydration with a new hydration contribution of 145%.
-Vitamin E and green tea has a great antioxidant capacity and removes free radicals for deep repair.
-Red and green algae moisturize and strengthen skin.
-Organic cocoa butter has skin softening and moisturizing properties. The melting point of cocoa butter is the same as the skin allowing it to penetrate into the deepest skin layers.
-Exclusive extract from cocoa relaxes and soothes the skin’s micro-relief.


essential for

Skin showing signs of aging, dry skin, for all skin types and skin tones


  • Improved skin barrier
  • Restored natural moisture balance
  • Soft and hydrated skin
  • Deep repair