Oil How to


Daily as a part of your skincare ritual morning and evening or as needed.

how to use

Massage into skin directly in a circular upwards motion or mix 2-3 drops with your moisturizer or serum.

Massage 2-3 drops into the beds of nails moving toward tips, use on broken cuticles to strengthen and repair.

Mix 5 drops with cleanser to easily remove oil-based and waterproof makeup.

Massage 3-5 drops into scalp with fingertips, with a natural hair brush, brush from root to ends for deep hydration, shiny, and visibly healthy hair. Great for ends of hair.

Massage necessary amount and brush through hair for a glamorous 'wet hair' styled look all night.

Add 3-5 drops to your favorite body lotion for an extra nourishing and hydrating body cream in a circular upwards sweeping motion until fully absorbed by the skin.

boost with

-Cleanser Antioxidant for a deep clean that can easily wash way waterproof makeup.
-24H Cream Balance for a glow and added hydration in your day routine.
-Day Antioxidant for a long-lasting moisturized look all day.
-Night Antioxidant apply before night antioxidant for a deep penetrating sleeping beauty style over-night mask.
-24H Antioxidant apply and allow 5 minutes to absorb. Placing 24H antioxidant over the top will act as a protective barrier allowing the Intense Repair Facial oil to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin for maximum anti-aging.
-ASD Moisturizer to fight acne-causing bacteria with it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
-Hair Loss Treatment Spray helps nourish the scalp to support a stronger hair growth from follicles.