scar and block story

the story behind these two products

The Cicamed Scar gel was the first product created by the chemist and plastic surgeons who are now the research and development team at Cicamed. The concept was fantasized during a cold Stockholm evening that was being enjoyed in a wine cellar between the surgeons of one of Europe's leading plastic surgery centers. The idea seemed radical and impossible - one year later the first patient was using this product to heal a scar. From here the entire brand was born!

The Cicablock uses titanium dioxide, which is a naturally occurring oxide of the metal titanium. It has natural filtering UV properties making it ideal for use as a sunscreen. Titanium dioxide and silicone have an oil-and-water relationship in that they do not mix naturally and will not stay mixed evenly. Silicone would rise to the upper layer of a solution while titanium dioxide would fall. Our chemist solved this problem by being the first team to successfully coat the small titanium dioxide fragments with silicone. Once introduced to the formula and the silicone within, the silicone was ‘tricked’ by the coating, evenly mixing, and coexists with the titanium dioxide, making this product easy to use and effective.