-Improves and reduces prominent, old, and new scars on the skin.
-A lightweight gel that dries quickly into an invisible film.
-More flexible and discreet than a silicone tape or Band-Aid, can be used on the face and joints.
-Silicone is not an active ingredient and does not penetrate the skin, rather sits on top as a protective physical barrier, creating an environment that is favorable to scar healing.
-Clinically tested and proven to diminish scar appearance.
-Lessen unwanted scar appearances without the pain or extra scarring from laser removal.
-Softens and flattens scar tissue with dimethicone and vitamin E.
-Permanent results.
-Free from perfumes and preservatives.
-Cruelty-free, not tested on animals.


C-section scar removal. Scar removal tape for children's keliod scars.


    essential for

    scars from injury, surgery, laser treatments, chickenpox, acne, road rash, sports injuries or burns


    • Active scars that are not open wounds.
    • Active scars are pink or red in color. White scars are not active and will most likely not be effected by the product, but also will not make the scars worse to try.