serum c benefits


-Vitamin C and E, from natural extract, stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin tone while protecting the skin from free radicals.
-Formulated with water and fat-soluble antioxidants optimize the protection of the skin barrier against free radicals and pollutants.
-Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is extremely hydrating. The stratum corneum, the outer most layer of the epidermis, contains five times more water 24 hours after treatment with cross-linked hyaluronic acid compared to the treatment with hyaluronic acid at the same concentration.
-Creates a natural glow in the skin.
-Reduces inflammation and increases skin elasticity.
-Organic witch hazel has been used for centuries as a natural healing remedy, with naturally astringent and calming properties
-Multivitamin serum.
-High concentration of Vitamin B 3 and 5, for evening skin tone, helping with discoloration and pigmentation.
-Organic aloe vera and hyaluronic acid provide advanced hydration and firmer skin by stimulating collagen production, reduces inflammation, and improving skin elasticity.
-Pro-vitamin B5 is essential for skin to function normally. Panthenol has skin moisturizing effects and maintains the skin's integrity due to its protective effects. It is easily absorbed into the lower dermis layer and provides deep hydration.
-Panthenol helps the skin maintain optimal health and promotes healing of tissues.
-Cruelty-free skincare products, not tested on animals and ethically sourced.


essential for

Dry skin, skin experiencing hyper pigmentation, suitable for all skin types and all skin tones from dark skin tones to light


  • Moisturized and hydrated skin
  • More firm skin through stimulating collagen synthesis
  • More even skin tone
  • Protects against skin damages caused by free radicals