vanilla scrub benefits


-No acids, exfoliation comes from the organic rice wax and grape seed oil microbeads which are perfectly symmetrical as to not scratch nor damage skin. Instead, the exfoliator rolls dead cells off by massaging the product across the skin without irritating the skin.
-Organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera to moisturize.
-Light scent of vanilla.
-Black vanilla seeds, from the heart of the vanilla bean, to gently scrub the skin’s surface.
-Peppermint provides a cooling and refreshing sensation.
-Organic rice wax micro-beads that do not harm animals nor the environment creating a more sustainable and effective beauty product. 
-Cruelty-free skincare exfoliating product, not tested on animals.
-Ethically sourced ingredients and packing.
-Made in Sweden, ensuring the highest standards in beauty and skincare products.


essential for

All skin types and skin tones, soft enough for sensitive and dry skin


  • Smoother and more radiant skin
  • Effective and non-irritating scrub
  • Stimulates the micro-circulation of the skin
  • Maintains the skin’s protective barrier
  • Revitalizes and deeply cleanses the skin