Intense Repair Facial Oil


If you suffer from severe dry skin, this is your solution. Our Intense Repair Facial Oil gives your skin a wonderful glow, while providing visibly better moisture and elasticity. The magic blend of oils is quickly absorbed by your skin and instantly starts to work their magic. It can also be used for areas other than your face, for example, your knees, elbows or scalp. Take your skin to next level moisture and never have to worry about dryness again. 

Product Information

Cicamed intense repair facial oil is formulated with jojoba, rosehip, sunflower and sea buckthorn fruit oil and boosted with protective antioxidants. Natural oils are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that strengthen the skin barrier, Sea buckthorn fruit oil contains rare omega 7. Cicamed Intense repair facial oil is boosted with protctive antioxidants; Q10 , vitamin E and alpha lipid acid.


Use lotion daily to soften and hydrate. Apply lotion to body in circular motion until absorbed by the skin. For best result, apply onto slightly damp skin just after showering. Pay special attention to areas prone to dryness such as legs, elbows and knees.


Key Ingredients

  • Sea buckthorn fruit oil is rich in rare anti-aging omega 7 with skin rejuvenating benefits
  • Rose hip oil for radiant complexion
  • Peach kernel oil for dry and sensitive skin
  • Jojoba oil for depp, balancing effect
  • Sunflower for a natural glow and to protect the skin against adverse weather and wind
  • Protective antioxidants from vitamin E and Q10